Buy Targeted Spotify Podcast Monthly listeners
  • Buy Targeted Spotify Podcast Monthly listeners

Buy Targeted Spotify Podcast Monthly listeners

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Available markets:Germany, United Kingdom, France, Canada,USA,Belgium,Spain,Brazil Turkey Netherlands Austria Switzerland Sweden Norway Portugal Ireland Australia Greece Denmark Italy Mexico New Zeland  South Korea Costa Rica South Africa Russia Romania Morocco Tunisia Japan Vietnam Colombia Argentina Albania India Dominican Republic 

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Country Targeted: GERMANY
Monthly listeners : 1000
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  • Buy Spotify Podcast Country Targeted Listeners

  • Available markets:

    German speakers: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Netherland 

    English Speakers: Australia, Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zeland

    France Speakers: Belgium, Canada, France, Switzerland

     Portuguese Speakers: Brazil, Portugal

    Spanish Speakers: Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Italy

    Arabic Speakers: Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Tunisia, UAE

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    The listeners will be split into all the show's episodes

    Spotify doesn't offer a start counter on podcasts. ANY refill request should be followed by a screenshot of the podcast graphic daily stats or it will be ignored.

    Spotify updates the plays counter once time every 36/72 hours. Please, if the order is marked as completed, but you still don't see the plays counter updated, DON'T OPEN A TICKET; just wait a couple of days to see the changes.

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